Jul 9, 2014

MC Lyte

As I was preparing to write about MC Lyte, I realized I had to choose between her first & second albums to represent my favorite, I'd have a hard time. That is a true sign of the magic of golden era hip hop and her talent.  The photo above represents my choice.

Although Salt-N-Pepa were my first imprint of female hip hop artists, no female was ripping rhymes like MC LyteChuck D said it himself that Lyte could win a rhyme fight and there is no better spokesman for her skills than him. Blessed with booming beats and lyrics that may have surpassed some of her male contemporaries, the Lyte as a Rock debut more than earned my respect. It forced me to re-evaluate what I thought or expected from MCs on a whole.

The title track sticks out the most for me. She was rhyming over this big beat with a lyrical, skillful strength unheard before. If you weren't getting smacked by the big beat, you'd get an uppercut from her bold delivery.

MC Lyte's impact on me was so strong that I would seek female MCs as skilled as her whenever and wherever possible. She just ripped rhymes like no other and I'm blogging about her like no other.

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