Aug 23, 2014

MC Shan - Down By Law

MC Shan’s Down By Law album was among the first hip hop albums I had heard in the late 1980s.

As much as I was amused by the George Jetson sample in Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing, Down By Law was my song from the album. 

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
was the best MC Shan single I had heard from him at that time. 

It was a pleasure to have his Freedom single on the Marley Marl In Control  1 compilation.

His sophomore album is even better than the debut. 

I hadn’t thought about the 3rd album until I saw one of its 12” singles in a local record store. 

MC Shan was partially responsible for the success of Snow’s Informer. 

His beef with Boogie Down Productions is featured in the first installment of the Beef series, documenting hip hop’s greatest and most infamous rivalries.  

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