May 11, 2015

The Montreal Canadiens


Although I’ve only started paying serious attention to the Montreal Canadiens within the last three years or so, I’ve started to become increasingly interested in hockey and learn how seriously Montreal takes the sport.

I was never the biggest hockey fan but I reached the point where I ask for scores to be sent to me by text.

I kept my eyes on  the Montreal Canadiens scores and highlights on CTV Sportsnight.

Losses upset me. Whenever The Canadiens face elimination in playoffs, I believe in them to win consecutive games.

A co-worker once that told me her hockey season ends at the same time as the Habs. I tried watching a non-Canadiens game after they were eliminated not too long ago and didn`t feel right. I didn't know the teams as well as I do the Canadiens and lost interest.

I saw that city authorities and law enforcement were on high alert whether win or lose.  Police are present on the streets on nights of playoffs and I sometimes hear a helicopter flying above. That made me realize that the stakes for Montreal Canadiens hockey are high. 

In the midst of the last hockey lockout, cars weren't draped in Habs flags. Horns didn't honk and there were no people screaming, dancing or celebrating in the streets. There was no hockey fever.  

Seeing and hearing those things within the last few years made me realize how much hockey means to this city. In turn, they now mean a lot to me and I look forward to their next game and Stanley Cup victory.

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