Sep 13, 2014

10 Best Female MCs

The Women & Hip Hop Conference held in Montreal last year got me to thinking about the state of hip hop and female MCs on a whole.

For a few years it appears that the female MC is rare like an endangered species. In some ways, they might be.

There is the issue of there being too few to listen to today. If and when I take notice of a female MC, I treasure them like a worker for wildlife preservation.

My enjoyment for female MCs is two-fold. As it should be clear through multiple posts, I love female vocalists. Their voices are pleasing to my ears. If a lady is lyrical, I’m in even more bliss.

From my days of discovering hip hop in the late 1980s to not caring much about it now, I am nostalgic and reflective and decided on finding out just who have been my favorite ladies on the microphone.

Below are the female MCs I consider to be the 10 Female MCs that I've been blessed to have heard.



On September 9, I dedicated the show playlist to female MCs of the 1990s glory days of hip hop.

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The Suite Delight - 2014-09-09 Playlist:

1. Nikki D - Lettin' Off Steam
2. Michie Mee & L.A. Luv - Jamaican Funk
3. Roxanne Shanté - Have A Nice Day
4. Salt-N-Pepa - Tramp
5. The Fugees - Ready Or Not (Salaam's Ready For The Show Remix) 
6. Bahamadia - 3 Tha Hard Way
7. Gang Starr - You Know My Steez (3 Men And A Lady Remix) feat Kurupt & The Lady of Rage 
8. Flipmode Squad – We Got Cha Opin (Part 2)
9. LL Cool J - I Shot Ya (Remix) feat Prodigy, Foxy Brown, Fat Joe & Keith Murray 
10. Queen Latifah - Inside Out
11. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce - It's My Beat
12. MC Lyte - I Cram 2 Understand U

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