Sep 5, 2015

Nikki D

I first knew of Nikki D in 1989 on Alyson Williams' My Love is So Raw but didn't know much more than that. I remember learning Def Jam was going to have its first female MC as early as 1990 from reading Rap Masters magazine. The Def Jam Classics 2 cassette allowed me to hear her voice for the first time on Lettin' Off Steam.

In 1991, on one of my many memorable trips to New York, I saw the video to Hang On Kid and knew I was going to get her debut album, one way or another.

During a last minute trip to a downtown Brooklyn record store that no longer exists, I asked for the Nikki D full-length but it wasn't released yet. I checked around for anything else that might come home with me and found the cassette singles section. To my surprise, I found the Daddy's Little Girl single among them. I say surprise because I didn't expect to find the single, know of the song or hear the song. I may not have left with the album like I wanted but I was more than happy to scoop it up. That was the magic of New York hip hop back then. In this day and age, I can't afford or want to dish out for music unless I've heard it first. In those days, you could practically grab any new hip hop off the shelf on the blind faith it would be good.

In 1991-1992, you didn't need blind faith to know that Def Jam, Large Professor, Leaders of the New School & S.I.D. (who I wish I heard more from) with Nikki D would make a good combination. The album is typical classic East Coast hip hop flavor with a woman at the helm.

There is an interesting quality to the album that I want to address. The beats on the more raw half of the album are, to me, more banging than the tame half. Your Man is My Man, 18 and Loves to Go & Another Man Is Beatin' My Time are incredible songs. I couldn't play that side of the album with my folks around. I had to wait for them to run errands and leave me home alone to blast those tracks.

At one point, I could boast of having the Daddy's Little Girl cassette single, Hang on Kid cassette & CD singles as well as the Daddy's Little Girl full-length cassette and CD. But who's boasting?

History repeated itself because I filled in for WeFunk just before the 2013 holiday season began in November.

To hear what I did as fill-in host, click play on the Cloudcasts below.

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