Jul 9, 2014

Inspectah Deck

When the Wu-Tang Clan’s classic debut album dropped in 1993, I knew none of the near dozen MCs in the group but it would not take long before the world knew who they were.

I believe it was after watching the C.R.E.A.M. video a few times that I noticed Inspectah Deck. Somehow his verse on the song gripped me the most and I started paying more attention to his lyrics on the rest of the album.

Inspectah Deck not too long afterwards became among my 3 favorites of the Wu-Tang Clan. I found myself looking forward to his verses and feeling never disappointed. I wanted patiently for a debut solo CD of his called Uncontrolled Substance to drop. His sophomore album has not yet crossed my music purchasing path. 

If there was anything that I consider to be disappointing, it was that his verse on Tupac’s Got My Mind Made Up never made it the All Eyez on Me 2CD release.  

My head was above the clouds when I learned that my go-to Wu-Tang MC would rhyme with the late Guru, who was my favorite MC at that time. That partnership of Gang Starr and Deck could not have been more ideal for me.

The late Big Pun chose Inspectah Deck as well for a track on his classic Capital Punishment.

With the exception of Ghostface’s verse on Impossible, which in turn made me start paying closer attention to him, Deck’s verse on Triumph is the most memorable for me of the Wu-Tang Forever package. 

With all of that hip hop history related to Inspectah Deck, I have been asking myself would I ever catch a live performance from the lyricist. I got my answer in mid-July 2012 when he arrived at Le Belmont. 

Most of his verses referenced earlier were performed one after another making it a pleasant, nostalgic trip down memory lane for me. I hadn’t thought or heard about many of those classic Wu-Tang songs or his verses on them in a long time. He made time to pay tribute to the late ODB by performing up to three of his classics.

Although Inspectah Deck’s verses are most often in the context of a posse or Clan cut, hearing them one after another that night made me realize I was in the presence of one of hip hop’s best lyricists. The only way I could have enjoyed those Deck verses more that night was if the MCs preceding or following him jumped on stage to honor the songs.  

So me being the fan that I am, I was able to briefly talk to Deck after the show and he said an album is in the works.

I thank the organizers and venue for providing the city a chance to witness Inspectah Deck perform live.

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