May 14, 2015

Sanford and Son

I grew up hearing about a foul-mouthed, elderly comedian named Redd Foxx and that I was to stay away from him.

Much later in life and with no parental supervision, I decided to allow myself to watch a rerun of Sanford & Son and learned how funny he was.

I will never forget the episode where Fred Sanford walks into his living room to see a goat. His reaction to the goat was priceless comedy. When they said a show was filmed in front of a live studio audience, they meant it. The audience reaction to Fred’s upcoming reaction made the moment that much more memorable. 

Redd Foxx also did impressions which were also uncanny. There was an episode where he imitated Bogart and it was hilarious. 

I was pleased to learn that Redd Foxx received a Golden Globe award for his work on Sanford & Son.  The sitcom is one of the most consistently funniest I’ve ever seen, even during the period when Foxx was not in some episodes, and I believe one of the funniest in television history.

I want to take this time to say thank you to Demond Wilson for his work on the show.  One of the Sanford & Son moments that I remember with Wilson to this day is the episode when he rehearses a scene from Othello.    For all of the Sanford & Son shows I’ve seen, I marveled at what it must have been like to have Redd Foxx to act opposite of.  Wilson’s book must be rich with stories and Foxx facts that could shed a lot of light on the historic television show.
Do yourself a favor and watch any and every Sanford & Son you can.

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