Jun 5, 2015

D'Angelo - Voodoo

It was pleasant news for me to hear that D’Angelo’s Voodoo would be reissued on vinyl.

I believe I own the CD twice and could have gone for a hat trick when another copy crossed my crate-digging path.  I stopped myself from doing that and keep my eyes on the double vinyl prize. 

D’Angelo was also a natural subject of conversation a while back and it took a lot of restraint on my part to not thoroughly advocate the musical merit of the Voodoo album.  

It would not have been prudent to have stated right then and there that Voodoo was not only his best album but quite possibly the best R&B album of the last 20 years.  I believe this is the ideal time to utter those sentiments.  

As much as I appreciated what he offered on his debut, I was not expecting the brilliance of Voodoo.  When I think about Spanish Joint, the track with Method Man & Redman, Devil’s Pie and most importantly Feel Like Making Love, I can’t believe they are all on the same album.  One Sunday afternoon, I took to Twitter to announce my joy at hearing the Roberta Flack cover.   The single Untitled (How Does It Feel) is iconic for its accompanying music video and it too is among the track listing. 

I had not done myself the disservice of overplaying or killing the Voodoo album.  From the last time I played it, I knew I would have to treat it like a fine wine or the precious work of art it is and savor it whenever I would do so. 

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