Apr 13, 2015

Method Man

Method Man is among the most popular hip hop artists of my blog.

As the stats for my blog post about his 1994 debut album climbed in leaps and bounds, I went to Twitter stating he needs to drop an album now, as in right now, and that my radio show & blog are officially his home.

Prior to Method Man’s show at Club Soda, I last caught Tical when he & Redman tore up Metropolis. I was in New York when Method Man, Curren$y and Big Krit were at Club Soda in October 2011.

I arrived at Club Soda to see the venue packed with people waiting for Method Man to take the stage. His DJ displacing the one that was onstage as I arrived was a sign that the show would soon be on. 

Method Man stormed onstage to Release Yo Delf, a personal favorite of mine that took many listens to become one. The crowd was as energetic and enthusiastic to have Method Man on stage as he was to be there. He stated numerous times during the show that he enjoys Montreal and I was made a believer that night.

He stated how great it was for him to have such a heartfelt reception from a crowd after 20 years in the music industry. In 1992, my New York cousin introduced me to a white covered 12” single from a group of MCs unknown to me advising me to keep my neck warm with no mention of scarves. The flip side was a track called Method Man. When you consider that 2013 is indeed the 20th anniversary of the Wu-Tang Clan classic release, you are made to understand Method Man is legendary.

Hands of the audience were in the air so much that they provided an obvious and expected springboard for Method Man as he repeatedly jumped into the crowd by the end of the performance. 

With a catalog full of albums, guest appearances, remixes and releases meeting relentless energy on stage, one is in for a great show. Method Man more than delivered the goods at Club Soda. Of the most prolific things he told the audience was that Redman and Busta Rhymes are among those he would himself pay to see. Not so ironically, he is on the shortlist of MCs I would see perform live at any opportunity I can and one any self-respecting hip hop fan should as well.

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