Jan 8, 2015

Freda Payne - Contact

I once had the chance to buy Freda Payne's Contact album on vinyl for about a month.

I was not happy to see its accompanying price tag. 

All of the winning conditions are there for me.  It is a rare soul record by a beautiful vocalist that I would love to spin on the show whenever I can do so. 

The Contact album on vinyl costed nearly double than what I paid to have the 2CD compilation of all her music recorded on the Invictus label.  
It showed a lot of restraint for me to have not bought the album when I could have. I guess I should be proud of myself for that. It was the NOT having bought it and lining it up on my shelf that got to me.

Days after writing this, I found a copy of Freda Payne's Contact album on vinyl at another store for half of the price of the one that inspired this post. It seems I did in fact find the happy medium after all.

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