May 4, 2015

James Brown

There has not been a more influential musician or figure in music for me than James Brown. James Brown is not only immensely important to me but to hip hop music altogether.

I realize that in my years of The Suite Delight this is my first blog post about Brown.

Just as Chris Brown and Usher wanted to be like the late Michael Jackson, the late Michael Jackson wanted to be like the late James Brown. Heck, even I wanted to be like the late James Brown!

When I was old enough to start buying CDs for myself, I naturally claimed the soul, funk and rock sounds on records I saw and heard played since childhood.

Getting James Brown's music was obviously a foregone conclusion and I made do with the epic Star Time collection.

While waiting for the 2009 CMJ Daptone Records Showcase to begin, this vintage James Brown video footage was playing throughout the venue. It is now showing on my blog. Enjoy!

James Brown's birthday is May 3.

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