Jul 27, 2014

Chris Dyer - Creation Culture Mixtape #1

It was quite a pleasant surprise to learn that artist Chris Dyer assembled a mix online.

Since being introduced to him years ago, I have seen his work in and around Montreal on a number of occasions.

Death of Vinyl record store, whose mural was painted by Dyer, featured his work on boomboxes.

On the subject of murals, Dyer's work featured prominently at the Montreal Mural Festival 2013 on the Main.

Ironically or maybe not so, my approach to DJing/song selection is that of an artist choosing paint to create a musical masterpiece.

I was curious to know what mood & vibe the artist Dyer would create when using songs instead of brush and paint.  Hopefully there will be more volumes in his Creation Culture Mixtape series for us to visit.

Creation Culture Mixtape #1 by Chris Dyer on Mixcloud

When I learned Montreal artist ChriS Dyer had created a mix, I was immediately interested in hearing it.

Art is subjective and open to interpretation. A mixtape/DJ set can be subject to scrutiny. I have walked past Chris Dyer's work around the city just I have seen it on exhibit.

The mix gave me the opportunity to learn which artists/songs he would use for his audible canvas.

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