Jul 11, 2014

The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe (1963)

I wrote about The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album earlier.

Death Of Vinyl record store held a Christmas party a few years ago and I was able to spin there among with other Dansez Chez Vous colleagues including DJ Politics, MattstaxofWax, DJ Expo 67 and DJ 7T’s.

I had an immensely good time. The music played was fantastic and I got some favorable reactions from my selections which is most often the desired effect.  One moment in time that night is worth my writing about. 

DJ Expo 67 played Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys at some point during the near 7 hours of music spun that night. I hadn’t heard the song in a long time or simply forgot about it altogether. The song’s harmonies and beat were magical and caused people to dance between the rows of records. I found it to be a wonderful song and was inspired to follow it up with another Beach Boys single.
I ran to the classic rock section of the store and briskly browsed The Beach Boys bunch of records for Little Deuce Coupe. Thankfully there was a copy of an album with the song on it. I ran back to the turntables and told Expo 67 I have an answer.

I cued the cut and a memorable time was had by most that were paying attention to the music played. Those that danced to the Christmas cut continued to groove with Deuce Coupe. The Beach Boys sound was able to linger in the store just a little longer. Expo 67 himself was pleased at my choice. I thanked him for providing me the inspiration. I had forgotten I referred to Little Deuce Coupe in the previous Beach Boys post.  It had also been a long time since I heard or thought of the song.  Both songs were welcome breaths of fresh air for me.  

Had I been one of the patrons and heard two Beach Boys bangers back-to-back, I would have danced in the store isles myself. I took pleasure in seeing the few twist and shimmy nearby.

There is something about The Beach Boys sound that is truly magical. As much as I was not born when they were in the prime of their recording careers, their music reflects what was and is good about the world.

A few minutes of The Beach Boys music can send good vibrations in these troubled economic and sociopolitical climates. One can feel happiness or a ray of sunshine in the darkest hours when listening to their classics. 

Ultimately, it is The Beach Boys who are to be thanked for the inspiration.

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