Jul 31, 2014


I love Waxpoetics Magazine.

I’ve treasured it from the moment I realized it was the only real music magazine I have left to buy since The SourceRap Pages & Vibe Magazines’ early–mid 1990s prime.

It is truly a valuable source of musical information.

The latest Waxpoetics issue on the shelves is happening in my life and I rejoice inside a little until the novelty wears off.

I’m even happier to pick up back issues like I did at the WFMU Record Fairs and Dreambeat Conventions, the bi-annual record conventions in Montreal.
One of my most significant memories linked to Waxpoetics magazine happened on Record Store Day 2013. 

I looked forward to a 30-minute DJ set at Montreal's Death of Vinyl record store to commemorate the crate-digging celebration day but had to make stops at other stores just to make sure I didn't miss out on anything. 

As I packed my record bag, I made a last minute decision to bring a compilation of rock breaks. 

When I arrived at the first store and starting browsing through the racks, a couple standing beside me asked about a group with Rotary in the name.  

I asked if they were referring to Rotary Connection.  The lady said yes and we briefly spoke about Minnie Riperton’s former band.  I explained that I was not a fan of the band’s brand of music but acknowledged the songs I did enjoy.  The man with her said he loved their orchestral and eclectic vibe. 
I reached into my record bag and showed them the compilation containing a Rotary Connection cut called Life Could and told them they should seek it out when possible. 
As I prepared for my DJ set at Death of Vinyl record store, I felt it would be ideal to play Life Could at my earliest convenience.  A young man approached the turntables apparently enjoying the tune.  I asked him if he knew what he was listening to and he stated he hadn’t.  I showed him the compilation and told him the band name. 

He replied that he remembered the name from Waxpoetics Magazine.  When I told him whose vocals were gracing the song, he had a moment of total recall.   I can only imagine what he was writing into his phone was a gentle reminder to reach for Rotary Connection. 

YouTube doesn't allow me to add a video with Life Could on the blog but allowed me to view vintage footage of my songstress early in her career. 

Waxpoetics allows us to read more beyond into the stories behind the albums, songs, and videos that we have access to.  I couldn't be happier that we have access to Waxpoetics.  

Montreal crate diggers and music connoisseurs were dealt a blow when it was announced that the downtown Chapters bookstore is closing.  That unfortunately means there will be one less venue to get Waxpoetics in the city. I'm pretty resourceful and will inquire as to whether the Indigo store blocks away will now carry the magazine.


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