Aug 11, 2014

Robin Williams

I didn't want to believe that the news about Robin Williams being dead was true.

I was convinced that the young co-worker that showed me Williams' photo on his smart phone connected to the article stating the actor committed suicide was part of an elaborate hoax.  As the smart phone was passed around, the name Jumanji came up when trying to explain who Robin Williams was to another co-worker that seemed unfamiliar.

Internet browsing later in the night confirmed the sad news.

Not too long ago I viewed a few Robin Williams late-night talk show appearances for some quick laughs.

Jumanji would not have been the movie I chose to explain who Robin Williams was.

I would have said Williams won the Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting.

Williams was the direct successor to Jonathan Winters and one of the funniest comics of the last 30 years.

Williams was Mork on television's Mork & Mindy.

Williams was Robert Altman's Popeye in the first movie that my mother ever took me to see in the cinema. Years later we would watch Mrs. Doubtfire together and laugh at his antics, especially in the kitchen.  My mother probably called me from the kitchen to tell me that Robin Williams was dead.

We are now unable to reach for Robin Williams for laughs as of August 11, 2014.  R.I.P.

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