Aug 6, 2014

Tim Dog - Penicillin on Wax (1991)

20 years ago on one of my epic New York trips, I bought Tim Dog's Do Or Die cassette on the strength of the I Get Wrecked single with KRS-One.

I also bought it because I didn’t buy his Penicillin on Wax debut. At the time of its release, Tim Dog launched an anti-West Coast hip hop campaign. The targets were a few key NWA members. His initiative was admirable.

Penicillin On Wax is the funniest hip hop record I’ve ever heard. Dog’s Gonna Getcha is simply hilarious. If memory serves correctly, he and the rabid dog in the Step To Me video foam at the mouth.

On the flip side, the album’s production is no laughing matter. The point can be made that there is not one weak beat on the album. The momentum and legend of F*ck Compton might have made people unaware of how sick the album’s production is.

I still don’t own a copy of Penicillin On Wax

One for purchase has yet to cross my path after all of these years. I’ll have to take matters, or a laptop, in my hands to make it happen.

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