Sep 10, 2014

Bounty Killer - My Xperience

A station colleague and I got to talking about Bounty Killer when we about the greatness of the My Xperience album.

I was still a student when a travelling CD vendor installed a kiosk in my university mezzanine. I believe My Xperience may have been the only CD I bought that day. If I had bought another CD, Bounty Killer's is the only one I remember vividly, making my previous statement all the more true.

At 20 tracks and nearly 80 minutes of music, My Xperience is the best dancehall reggae CD of the 90s.
I had picked up two Bounty Killer CDs from a local record store. Although there are songs in common on his Roots, Reality & Culture and Best of Bounty Killer releases, it appears I wanted as much Bounty Killer as I could get.

There were hot Bounty Killer singles like Eagle & The Hawk and Cry For, Die For but for whatever reasons, I never got to hear those albums. 

I did hear a good portion of his epic War-laced albums but they didn't hold me.

Like hip hop, I have lost interest in the dancehall reggae scene since the late 90s. However, I do keep my ears to the ground for good music or artists from time to time.

Due to my not listening to dancehall reggae like I used to, I haven't heard anything about or from Bounty Killer in years.  I'm at least thankful that I'm aware of what I consider to be his recorded classic album.  

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