Sep 15, 2014

El Da Sensei

I respect the post-Artifacts work El Da Sensei has done over the last few years. 

You should already know, or will know, that I write about hip hop with a nostalgic, analytical and critical tone. Around 1996-2001, I became disillusioned about my precious hip hop. I wasn't impressed with some albums, directions artists were taking and a few other things got to me. I was sad to hear Artifacts broke up after their second album. That news came about at what I thought was the worst time.

I knew about El Da Sensei with Artifacts as early as 1993 when I saw their name on a Nubian Crackers - Do You Wanna Hear It 12". I liked the song even though I knew nothing about the artists. I've heard it said that MCs are hungriest, literally in some cases and figuratively, just until the release of their first album. Not to downplay their work after 1993 but Artifacts were their most lyrically raw on that track.

As much as I hold their first album near and dear to me, That's Them didn't move me as much. I understood the production was varied but the imprint of Between a Rock and a Hard Place was firmly planted in my psyche and it took me years to remove from my CD want list! However, I will say that The Ultimate is exactly that for me.

El Da Sensei proved to be very busy after the split, appearing on posse cuts and various tracks galore. Considering I was very familiar with Tame One for two albums, I learned to appreciate him a bit more after the split and even bought one of his solo 12".

I was learn that El Da Sensei is scheduled to appear at TRH Bar on September 18 for Pop Montreal 2014 with The Immortals Project.

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The Suite Delight - 2014-09-02 Playlist:

1. Jeru The Damaja - D. Original 
2. Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn 
3. Nice & Smooth - Old To The New 
4. Maestro Fresh-Wes - The Maestro 
5. Nas - If I Ruled The World 
6. Smif-N-Wessun - Wontime 
7. The Beatnuts - Get Funky (Remix) 
8. Artifacts - Wrong Side of The Tracks 
9. Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard 
10. Slick Rick - Sittin' In My Car (Def Mix) 
11. King Tee - Dippin' 
12. Kurious - Mansion & A Yacht

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