Sep 19, 2014

Montreal Comiccon

For someone that has already written about The Avengers, the legendary cartoons of Hanna-Barberathe maliciousness of Magnetothe short-lived Heroes series and Iron-Man, one would think I was a seasoned vet of comic book conventions. 

2014 marks my triumphant return to Montreal Comiccon.

From being able to see, hear and meet television, film and comic book favorites, there are very good reasons to attend the convention. 

I was determined to make the most of the 2014 Comiccon experience. From what I have learned, one day is not enough.

Like last year, I prepped for Comiccon by visiting a few comic book database websites for appearances of some characters of interest. 

I didn't sit in on any Q&A conferences this year so that I could tackle my comic book want-list. 

My time at record fairs helped me understand what to do at comic book conventions.  If I am able to attend Comiccon for more than one day, I devote one day to tackle my comic book want list and split the rest of the time I’m there between photographing the place and finding the sought-after books.

By the end of the day, I found some discount Hulk comic books that weren't on my lists but would be entertaining enough for my daily commute to work. 

A thank you to all, especially the organizers, who made my 2014 Montreal Comiccon experience a triumph and memorable.

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