Jun 22, 2015

John Holt

I was looking online for inspiration for one of my Suite Delight playlists only to find disappointing news. 

Through some browsing a blog I visit primarily for hip hop I discovered that Jamaican music legend John Holt died a few days before.

I bought a 2LP reggae compilation called Reggae Going International from the Pop Montreal record fair weeks ago which included Holt's Stick by Me.

Two of my go-to compilations, Paul Weller's Under the Influence and the iconic Norman & Joey Jay Good Times, have Ali Baba on them.  The fact that the compilers are from the United Kingdom doesn't escape me. 

The fact that John Holt covered The Bee Gees' Morning of My Life proves to me that the respect was mutual.  Funny enough I was convinced Morning of My Life was Holt's composition until I checked the song writing credits.  Holt's version was the only one I had heard until my Bee Gees blitz of recent years.

Speaking of checking song writing credits, Blondie's The Tide Is High was written and performed by John Holt in the 1960s.  No wonder parents and family friends loved that song so much!

On the Friday before his death, I unsealed the Reggae Going International compilation (earlier than I originally planned) and played Stick by Me during the weekly mix down session at Montreal’s Death of Vinyl record store.  That was the first song I ever played from the package and unknown to me it was somewhat in memoriam to the man.

 RIP John Holt and thank you for the timeless music that crossed generational lines.

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