Oct 4, 2014

Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive has been a Montreal musical staple for at least a decade.

During that time I have seen the members individually more than the times than collectively on the stage.

I changed that streak when I was informed of a free concert on Verdun's Wellington Street during the summer of 2014.

The rain earlier in the afternoon nearly jeopardized my attending.  The skies cleared and the street was packed upon my arrival.

The ensemble even performed in New York during CMJ.  I unfortunately missed that Massive set but was pleased to know they were making moves beyond 
Montreal to my Mecca of New York.  

There was a very solid turnout at that Verdun intersection for the Nomadic Massive show.

The show lasted for over an hour and there was even an encore.

Notably absent for those knowledgeable of the group were Vox Sambou and DJ Static but the energy and presence of those present on stage 
made up for the two.

The interesting thing about the Nomadic Massive set was how eclectic in the nature their music is.

The influences of jazz, soul, reggae and even rock permeate through their tracks.

May the collective's music permeate Montreal for another 10 years and more.

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