Oct 20, 2014


I remember learning of Punchline through the colossal Lyricist Lounge: Volume One compilation on Rawkus.

If you have ever owned, seen or held the vinyl release of the first Lyricist Lounge, you know that the word colossal is not an understatement. I almost couldn’t believe it was 4 vinyls deep but considering the amount of music packed onto the 2CDs, it stood to reason.

Among the handful of tracks that I always remembered from the compilation, Punchline caught my attention with Da Cipher.

In the early 2000s when I was barely keeping my ear to the ground as far as hip hop music was concerned, I checked for what most of the underground MCs I learned of from the Rawkus label and Lyricist Lounge compilations were doing. Punchline was among those I checked for when I could.

I was happy to learn of the Punchline & DJ Soulclap music. The songs I’ve heard are among my favorite and best hip hop I’ve heard in the last few years. 


I plan to pack more Punchline onto The Suite Delight playlists in the upcoming weeks.

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