Jan 23, 2015

Bridget Kelly

 Not too long ago I popped in at a local record store in the hopes of finding a treat for my turntable.

I came across a section nearly 5 crates deep of post-2000 era R&B that I was more than familiar with from my last visits.  I didn't even bother to flip one record.

I then got frustrated again at the state of not only hip hop music but R&B as well.  In 1996, I was upset because some of my hip hop heroes were going the R&B route and producing less than stellar music for my taste. I'm not the biggest R&B head but I stopped giving much thought to the genre when Neo-Soul was claimed to be dead.

A late 2013, brief stop at Chapters resulted in me walking out with the latest issue of Complex Magazine on the racks.

I saw an ad featuring Bridget Kelly and it reminded me of how I sought out her music earlier in the year.

I listened to her Every Girl EP which left me with 8 reasons to call her one of the most talented female vocalists in R&B right now.

I think it’s the Aries in me that made me hit the Internet again for more Bridget Kelly after seeing the ad.  My timing could not have been better because I would happily learn that she released the Cut To...EP.

It is obvious that her full-length album is one that I am still highly anticipating.

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