Apr 17, 2015

DJ Amir Abdullah


I learned about Amir within the last few years or so as a crate-digger and compilation producer.

His work with Kon naturally got my respect for doing exactly what I would do if I were them.  On top of that, they were creating music for me to use on my show or sets.  

To my great surprise, or not so surprising in retrospect,  I saw Amir near the Waxpoetics Magazine kiosk while preparing to leave the WFMU Record Fair.  The obvious elation in my meeting him was evident as I introduced myself.  Aside from the records I found at the Fair, taking the photo above was easily one of the biggest highlights of my CMJ 2010 experience.

If I was elated to have met the crate-digging mentor, I was even more so to catch his Goods guest set at La Sala Rossa.  That Goods was indeed a magical night. I was unfortunately not able to have seen or heard his set at the Death of Vinyl record store but I made it to Sala Rosa after wrapping up hosting my radio show.  One particular song from his Goods set struck me so much that I waited until my Suite Delight 6th Anniversary show to play it. 

The irony of this Montreal blogger meeting him in New York and for the New York crate-digger to later appear in my fair city did not escape us.  I got to chat with DJ Amir after his set. 
He let me know of his work with an upcoming project called 180 Proof Records.

180 Proof Records is dedicated to reissuing older music and bringing them to the forefront today with remixes and restorations.  
The Kenny Cox‘s Clap! Clap! The Joyful Noise material was originally released on Strata Records, a Detroit record label of the early 1970s. 

For more DJ Amir, check out his work as Kon & Amir, the I Love Vinyl collective and the www.thekhronicles.net blog.

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