Apr 18, 2015

Record Store Day

Unlike years prior, I wasn't able to spend Record Store Day 2015 in Toronto or spinning a 30-minute DJ set to commemorate the crate-digging celebration like I did at Death of Vinyl record store.

I can safely say I've been looking forward to Record Store Day since the releases were announced months ago.  However, there was no real 2015 special release causing me to stand in any line for any extended period of time. 

Originally, only two stores were on my itinerary for Record Store Day but I figured to make the most of my time downtown. 

With my interest for the day not on Record Store Day releases, I paid more attention to the store stock.  I had not browsed certain sections of the stores visited today so I was open to any pleasant surprises.

Below are pics from my Record Store Days of yesteryear.

Ironically or maybe not, I stumbled upon an Exclaim magazine from 2013 with an article listing record shops in Toronto just before my departure.

I used some degree of restraint and brought one of my smallest record bags to fill with goodies.

I treated the magazine like a treasure map and hit the province's pavements.

I spent so much time at the first store that there was little to no room in the record bag I brought or time to go anywhere else.

Unlike years prior, I didn't visit the Record Store Day website for info about the 2014 releases. I believe it was the year I specifically went for The Pharcyde Bizarre Ride Record Store Day Limited Edition Box Set and ended up bringing home the Light in the Attic’s Never To Be Forgotten - The Flip Side of Stax 1968-1974 collection upon discovering it that I realized real restraint would be needed from now on.

Regardless of the time constraints, I was very happy with what I found on Record Store Day and soon listeners of The Suite Delight radio show or a DJ Solespin guest DJ fill-in set on The Goods will be as well.
Check out the 8-tracks mix inspired by Record Store Day 2013 below.

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