Apr 19, 2015

Wild Style

I’m happy to state that I have seen the film Wild Style.

I had been meaning to for years but hadn’t gotten around to making it happen.

My comfort and consolation is that a good number of people have no knowledge of the film and many haven’t seen it as well.

Before the 1980s movies Breakin’, Beat Street and Rappin’ that introduced hip hop culture to the mainstream movie going audiences, there was Wild Style.  That was as far as my knowledge of the film went.

After having seen the film, I'm able to fill in the blanks.  I'm finally able to understand where some of the most iconic quotes and references in hip hop comes from.   

Although it didn't have the narrative of Breakin' or the Beat Streets, Wild Style is the most authentic, influential and realistic representation of early 1980's New York hip hop culture.

The recent 30th Anniversary Reunion and Screening was as good a chance as anyone could ask for to see the film.

Let this serve as your gentle reminder to check out Wild Style when you can.

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