Jun 28, 2015


Eminem came up at a time when I turned my back on hip hop and I lumped him into the reasons as to why I did so.

I found his shtick amusing with his Slim Shady LP but I had long needed classic albums like I was used to, not commercial gimmicks and goofiness.

It would take The Marshall Mathers LP for me to realize he was more talented than I gave him credit for and Encore for me to nearly return to my Slim Shady LP. sentiments.

Relapse from a few years ago was not even listened to beyond four tracks and Recovery has yet to be heard.

My last glimpse of brilliance form him was his verse on Drake’s Forever.

From his come up to his comeback, Eminem is an MC I kept my ears open for. It was only a matter of if he wanted me to do so.

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