Jun 28, 2015

Kanye West

As Kanye West was emerging, I was returning to the hip hop scene and his name was becoming more and more known. I was not quick to jump on his bandwagon but understood why he was revered after a listen of The College Dropout. The arrogance turned me off and tuned me out from him.

At Late Registration, I thought he was a genius. I realized Kanye West was someone I would have to acknowledge after this album. The production for Gold Digger is so sick and the Ray Charles sample is incredible. Late Registration is epic and shows his talent for production taken one notch higher from the debut.

I lost him at Graduation because he was not producing the organic hip hop that I appreciated from him.

I never heard 808s and Heartbreak in its entirety. I own all of his discography except 808s & Heartbreak and there is no rush to do so.

I didn’t doubt My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy would be a good album. He is capable of delivering hip hop classics at will. The matter is him continuing to do so for the sake of us all.

When the Montreal Mirror gave My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a highly positive review, I was expecting a back lash in the Rant Line. There was no backlash. In fact, most reviews of the album were in league with the now extinct paper.

A brief browse of the Source Magazine days before Christmas revealed a 5-mic rating. I didn’t doubt Kanye’s new album would be one of the year’s best. I was just amazed it was so unanimous.

Kanye West is vital not only to hip hop but music period. I wasn’t there for 808s & Heartbreak but I was present to buy the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

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