Jun 28, 2015

Lil Wayne

I barely knew who Lil Wayne was when I started taking notice of him in the Destiny’s Child video for Soldier.

It did not take long for me to be truly aware of him with the number of times he appeared on others’ songs and multiple record releases within the past decade.

Hustler Muzik is still my favorite of the songs I’ve heard from Lil Wayne and I managed to find the 12” single and the Carter II album that the single comes from while digging in the crates in late fall 2012. It was a thrill to find the 12” single because it will make great music to talk over for radio. The edited for radio version of the song will come in handy as well.

So far the only Lil Wayne single that competes with Hustler Muzik as his best is Dr. Carter.

I have not yet listened to all of the Lil Wayne Carter album releases but will do so. The goal is to figure out on which of the albums Lil Wayne peaks. Ideally, I want to know if I have all I need to have of Lil Wayne with regards to his best album to date.

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