Jun 28, 2015

The Rapture - !K7 Tapes

I’ve been listening to mixtapes lately. They are a great source of musical information and inspiration. You get to discover new artists and songs, as long as you have no knowledge of the music on the track listing.

In the case of The Rapture’s !K7 Tapes CD, I got to discover new artists and songs while discovering The Rapture who are new to me.

I believe I first learned of the group from a song of theirs appearing in a movie. I waited until the credits rolled to see The Rapture’s name and kept them on file after leaving the movie theatre. I had meant to get more acquainted with their music but was preoccupied. When The Rapture !K7 Tapes CD crossed my path, I saw it as the chance to make good of my promise.

With over 20 varying artists and genres, I realized it was a mix in the same vein as DJ Andy Smith’s The Document. I recognized a few of the artists on the CD and knew I would be introduced to new music from those I did not. I belived that if they chose artists like Ghostface Killah, The Undisputed Truth, The Bar-Kays and Richie Havens for the mix, that must mean The Rapture music could be inspired by those artists.

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