Jun 11, 2015

The Suite Delight Featured Mix

As much as I love creating playlists and hosting a radio show, I'm also a fan of mixtapes and mixes.  Like compilations, mixes present new music, artists as well as different ways to listen to the music.

All going well, mixes inspire me to be a better DJ and possibly introduce me to my next favortie song or force me to add another slice of vinyl to my collection.

After contemplating the idea of sharing mixes not created by yours truly, I finally decided that the solution to pay the inspiration and good music forward here is the right one.

It would have been nice to have seen The One Tash mix the songs of the 24 Hours of Vinyl #9 set live but the download link more than makes up for that. The mix is a perfect blend of hip hop, r&b and electronic sounds. For more of The One Tash, tune in to CKUT's Future Classic Radio on alternating Sunday afternoons from 1pm-2pm E.S.T. 

The first quarter of Santiago's The Dancefloor II (Boogie / Electro-Funk Mix) practically helped make my decision for me. 

I was still in the midst of listening to Michael Terzian's Mama Afrika Vol.2 mix at the time of posting it on the blog. This is the type of house music I really enjoy.

I was curious to know what mood & vibe the artist Dyer would create when using songs instead of brush and paint.  Hopefully there will be more volumes in his Creation Culture Mixtape series for us to visit.

The Funk & Soul Live Mixes are ideal introductions to the classics that created hip hop classics within the past 20 years. Thankfully I discovered Toddy Flores' mixes at the time I did. 

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