Aug 20, 2015

Cosmos Records

Ironically or maybe not, I stumbled upon an Exclaim magazine from 2013 with an article listing record shops in Toronto just before my departure a few years ago. I treated the magazine like a treasure map and hit the city's pavements.

I wasn't able to spend Record Store Day 2015 in Toronto like I did last year.
I had been looking forward to returning to Toronto since Record Store Day 2014.

My weekend in Toronto for the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the AGO was made sweeter by a quick trip to Cosmos Records.

Due to time restraints, Cosmos Records was to be the one destination for me to dig.
The crates in front of the store brought back sweet memories of my first time at the store 3 years ago.

That batch was primarily hip hop 90s.

My May 2015 visit batch was from primarily disco, boogie and funk of the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Unlike the Dreambeat Convention in April where I caved in and bought the same amount of duplicate records as I did new ones, I minimized the doubles/triples factor.

By the time I had finished choosing my final selections listening, I was down to less than 50 records which fit perfectly in only one of the two record bags I brought with me that day.

There weren't many duplicate records for me to choose from while I was at Cosmos so the focus was on bringing home new additions to my collection.

Had I not listened to the records before buying them, I still would have been very pleased with the haul. 

Thankfully I had the luxury to make good decisions even better.

Thankfully there's a Cosmos Records for me to make those decisions.

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