Aug 15, 2015

Graham Central Station

Just before Sam The Record Man closed its doors in Montreal, I used to see the CD cover above among the remaining inventory on my visits during its last days.

I was slightly fascinated by the cover and the play on the name Grand Central Station but paid little mind beyond the novelty. A main reason for my disregard for the CD is because I was in complete hip hop mode at the time.

Let the video be your introduction to Graham Central Station's music if need be. 

As stated in my Sly & The Family Stone post, their Anthology was among my first non-hip hop CD purchase. 

My research into Sly & The Family Stone was enough to inform me that
Larry Graham, whom I always knew as the singer of One In A Million You, was the Graham in Graham Central Station.

That CD above was the debut album of the band Graham formed when he left Sly & The Family Stone.

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