Aug 28, 2015

Roy Orbison

When I was growing up, learning about the popular singers of the day were around for a lot longer than I was aware they fascinated me.

They fascinated me even more when black & white footage of them from the 1950s & 1960s.

The black & white footage of him performing Oh Pretty Woman fascinated me.

That meant he had been singing around the time my parents were younger and still old enough for me to know of him.

Such is the case with Roy Orbison.

I was old enough to remember that he was a member of The Travelling Wilburys before he died. However it would take me my 20s & 30s to really respect the value of the group members' music.

I'm not an Orbison aficionado but I believe no less than 20 of Roy Orbison's biggest singles in one spot is a great place to start and end where Roy Orbison is concerned.

As much as I thought he was old, I wanted that Roy Orbison hits collection. The other songs I knew of him like Dream Baby, Blue Bayou, Only the Lonely and Love Hurts made it a given that I'd be making a worthwhile purchase.

The CD of that Roy Orbison collection crossed my record store shopping path years ago.

As mentioned in previous posts, compilations and greatest hits packages fascinate me as well. I remember a Roy Orbison package with some 20 of his greatest hits advertised on television.

I less remember that he worked with K.D. Lang on a duet.

You Got It was Roy Orbison's last big hit before he died. 

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