Aug 8, 2015

Sean Price

Sean Price was always nice on the mic. 

Monkey Barz was one of the best hip hop albums I had heard in the past decade. Like Madvillany, the production quality was exactly what I needed at a time when I didn’t want to hear much hip hop. 

Onion Headz is my favorite Sean Price song to date.

Sean Price was busy over the last few years with various posse cut appearances and albums released.

I was very happy to have been at the Sean Price show at Cabaret de Mile End in 2010. It was one of the best concerts for that year. I waited for him to spit Onion Headz from Monkey Barz and saw I wasn’t alone. We all acted like apes as he preformed the song.

My good fortune continued when he performed at the Duck Down/Blacksmith CMJ Showcase.

To my surprise, one of my favorite Montreal spots for music had a copy of his Passion of  Price DVD for sale. The DVD gives the chance to hear more Price music anytime. There are exclusive videos, interviews and footage.

R.I.P. Sean Price

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