Sep 11, 2015

DJ Solespin & Dubny @ Death of Vinyl (September 26, 2015)

A day spent shopping at Montreal's Death of Vinyl record store can bring you face-to-face with 12” singles, albums, cassettes, magazines, buttons and other miscellaneous music-related relics. 

Spending time at Death of Vinyl  is a wonderful experience for myself as one that appreciates the art of being a DJ.

The worlds of crate diggers and music lovers unite under one roof.  

I have had the privilege of providing some of the soundtrack for plenty patrons that peruse the place browsing record crates and viewing artwork.

At any time there, someone can and will drop a track that can make you stop in your tracks and move to the main DJ area to ask what is playing.

I can attest to it happening to me just as I have mesmerized a person or two with some of my selections.  You are more than likely to discover your next favorite song or entry into your records wantlist.  That is the beauty of a place like Death of Vinyl.

The weekly Death of Vinyl mix session is part social club and cathartic outlet for musical creativity.  

The man in the photo with me below is named Dubny

While DubnyDJ Politics and I were DJing a Vernissage at Death of VinylDubny pulled a vinyl copy of Nas’ Illmatic from his record bag to prepare the next song in the mix. 
Upon seeing the album, I laughed because I got further proof of why I respect his good taste in music, was pleasantly surprised Nas would be played that night and because I don’t have Illmatic on vinyl.  Of all the hip hop albums for him to carry on his person that night, he had easily one of the greatest albums the genre has produced.  After the laughter came the choice of which Nas song would be played. My money was on Memory Lane and from the little DJ Politics knew of the album, Represent was his choice.  Dubny listened to both tracks and represented literally and figuratively.

Quench My Thirst is the 3rd mix Dubny & I have made together for the year and it is my crowning jewel. I have never been more proud of a mix I have recorded.  

Those are some of the many reasons I have respected and admired Dubny for the last six years or so.  

I am looking forward to spinning with him at Death of Vinyl on the afternoon of Saturday, September 26.  

For more Death of Vinyl, visit the store's new website and Facebook group.

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