Dec 4, 2015


Like most people of my generation, I remember Jay-Z as The Jaz’s sidekick.

Today Jay-Z is the face of hip hop and epitome of music business success.

If you asked me what side I was on during his beef with Nas, I would have not been able to answer. The two of them should have been busy bringing hip hop classics to us rather than bickering among themselves. I believe that they did produce some quality music at the time when they needed to do so.

Jay Z presented the blueprint for a lot of young cats to follow.

I won't name them because his influence on them is obvious.

At the time of The Blueprint's release, there was reasonable doubt Jay-Z would not drop an album as classic as his 1996 debut.  

The Black Album is the one of the only entries in his discography that could almost take the coveted spot of his best album.

However, since the fragments of The Blueprint can be found on The Black Album, it stands to reason I acknowledge the earlier of the two.

Admittedly, I wished he had retired after The Black Album but everyone, including Jay-Z, knew that was not going to happen. Hip hop needed him to return then as it does now.
Thank goodness hip hop has a Jay-Z that can return to it.

Jay-Z inspires me to achieve my own dreams and build my own empire.

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