Dec 4, 2015

Masta Ace

Back in 1995, I had the chance to order a 12" single through a friend of mine and without hesitation told him I.N.C. Ride by Masta Ace Inc

Years later, Masta Ace made a visit to Off The Hook in Montreal and I went to see him.

I brought nearly everything I had of his from cassette covers, CDs and my I.N.C. Ride 12" for him to sign.

I was spinning at my home-away-from-home Death of Vinyl late last year and brought I.N.C. Ride into my mix.

I vibed off the song for the nostalgia & Isley Brothers sample sake but would get an unexpected surprise.

A customer approached the turntables and asked what was playing. The store owner showed him my Masta Ace autographed sleeve while I was occupied not too far away. I was able to hear the young man ask if it was for sale.

The store owner told the gentleman that he would have to ask me. I made my way towards them, acting as calmly as I could, hiding my reaction to what was to be one of the ultimate compliments I'd ever be paid for my selections that day.

I'm not sure if the autograph on the sleeve was a detail that went overlooked by the store owner or customer but it surely did not go overlooked by me. 

No matter what I may have gone through at that time or how tempting it could have been to see how much he would have been willing to pay for it, I could not part with my signed Masta Ace wax in clear conscience. What kind of fan would I have been?

History repeated itself because I filled in for WeFunk just before the 2013 holiday season began in November.

To hear what I did as fill-in host, click play on the Cloudcasts below.

The Suite Delight new time slot is Tuesday morning 2-3am EST on & 90.3 FM.

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