Jan 31, 2016

Grand Funk Railroad

I never knew what rock song was sampled on Master Ace’s Music Man but wanted to.  

From the moment I learned it was Grand Funk Railroad, I opened my eyes and ears to the band. 

I have picked up many of the Grand Funk Railroad records that crossed my path in the hopes of finding the sample. 

The album cover at the top of the post represents one of my favorite classic rock album covers of all-time.

I was pretty happy to have found the On Time album at a Puces Pop Record Fair years ago. 

Local musical mentor Dubny told me about their Phoenix album one night while we were at Death of Vinyl record store when the subject of the group came up in discussion. It was rare or not easy to come by. In an incredible twist of fate, or diggers’ destiny, I found that Phoenix album in New York during my day trip for the Afrika Bambaataa Record Exhibit.  

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