Jan 30, 2016

The Nazz

A local crate-digger/radio station peer mentioned The Nazz to me so many times that the group managed to edge themselves onto my records wantlist.

Prior to me now seeking out The Nazz sounds, Todd Rundgren`s name was among the super producers of the 1970s that I'd heard about.  I was a little intimidated by Todd Rundgren`s name and his musical associations and didn`t investigate his music.

In retrospect, I should have looked into his music since The Isley Brothers covered his Hello It`s Me, the only song of Rundgren`s I knew.

That local lass kept telling me about the first Nazz album any time we met, especially when we were surrounded by records. She had been looking for a copy of their first album for what I believe was at least a year.

I even called her from a Montreal record convention when I came across a pocket of Nazz albums in the hopes that the one she wanted was among them or could take one of them as a worthy substitute.

What officially sealed my fate for the record was knowing there is Hello It's Me on the album.  The version of Hello It's Me by The Nazz is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

If I had heard Open My Eyes before, it would have been courtesy of Nuggets the iconic compilation. Had I fallen in love with the song earlier, I might have been on a collision course with that local lass in trying to find the record rather than assisting her.

She made it known that the first Nazz album made for a long overdue and fitting birthday gift not too long ago.

The Nazz II was my substitute for the first.
  If the rest of The Nazz music is as good or better than Hello It's Me or Open My Eyes than I won't wait to make it a birthday present to myself.

Her journey for the album ended but almost surely my quest has just begun.

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