Jan 11, 2016

The Suite Delight's Top 10 David Bowie Songs

I’m a bigger David Bowie fan than I thought.

As a teen, I discovered he had been around long before he was commanding us to dance. I learned of his 1970s work and couldn’t understand why he wore red hair and make-up. He surely didn’t look like that in 1983! The term chameleon comes to mind.

From Time Will Crawl to Tin Machine, I did what I could to follow his post-1983 music but would later get side-tracked by a decade-long relationship with hip hop music. It would take my branching out from hip hop music towards other genres for me to re-introduce myself to Bowie.

I’m an admirer of Bowie as an innovator where music is concerned. The list represents my current knowledge of his music at this time. The sheer fact the three Let’s Dance singles appear on this list tells you where I basically start and end with Bowie’s discography until I get more familiar.

The Suite Delight’s Top 10 David Bowie Songs:

1) Fame
2) Modern Love
3) Golden Years
4) Let’s Dance
5) Fashion
6) Rebel Rebel
7) Young Americans
8) Heroes
9) Let’s Spend the Night Together
10) Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

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