Feb 5, 2016

Al Kooper

As I've stated on previous posts, the 1960s, in particular the history and music, fascinates me. Learning about Al Kooper fascinates me. What I learned about Al Kooper intrigues me a great deal.

I remember seeing the Super Session album on the wall of a no-longer-existing Montreal record store that I used to frequent.

Admittedly, it caught my interest but I thought nothing more beyond that.

In fact, the album might have crossed my path more often than any other before I would consider taking action.

I didn't know the names Mike Bloomfield or Al Kooper.  As much as I was familiar enough with Stephen Stills to know of his membership Buffalo Springfield as well as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  I was not interested enough to reach for the album.

From the day I heard Stop and realized where I heard the sample from, I realized that I would have to scoop up a Super Session album for myself.  I've had no shortage of chances to do so.

I eventually sought more information about all three featured musicians afterwards.  I learned about Mike Bloomfield's work with The Electric Flag. The first 2 Stephen Stills albums are close at hand.

Kooper was a member of The Blues Project.  I have come across their Projections album at least 3 times in my crate-digging career and bought it twice.  The first copy was beat up. The second one was clean and in a plastic.  The third was nearly as clean as the second and at a 1/3 the price I paid for the second.

Similar to the Super Session album, another album I saw quite frequently that peaked my curiosity was The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper.  The album cover was hypnotic especially because of how the artist painted Bloomfield's eyes. 

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