Feb 22, 2016

Bernie Mac

Not too long ago, a co-worker asked me who I considered the top stand-up comedian.
Before telling him my living choice, I mentioned Bernie Mac.

He in turn got reflective because he most likely forgot Bernie Mac or that someone would consider one no longer living as list worthy.

Bernie Mac was the final of the four Kings of Comedy.  I never forgot his routine or his name after having seen the film. Not that the other Kings of Comedy didn't make me laugh, but there was something special about Bernie Mac's portion of the film.

It was not until I came across some older copies of Def Comedy Jam that I realized I had been exposed to his comedy before his classic comedy routine. 

I caught as many episodes of The Bernie Mac Show I could and when the first season DVD box set crossed my path I brought it on my home.  The sitcom allowed us to get more of his comedy each week.  I’m sure the show ran for more than one season but I did follow that first one. I miss The Bernie Mac Show and even more.

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