Feb 23, 2016

Craig G

The saying better late than never best describes my history with Craig G.

I was the first to have the Marley Marl In Control Volume 1 cassette when I was in high school.

The night my mother brought that cassette back home from a trip to New York and handed it to me is still vivid in my mind some 20 years later.

The names Master Ace, Tragedy and Craig G were foreign to me.

The voice on Droppin' Science, the first song of the album, was just as foreign
but if they were produced and surrounding Marley Marl, I knew I was on familial territory.

On a high school trip to the Montreal courthouse, a handful of classmates and I literally broke north and headed in the subway to an uptown record store.

It was only because one of my friends picked up the last copy of The Kingpin in the racks that I didn`t leave the store with one of my own.  

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