Feb 23, 2016

Delicious Vinyl

The Delicious Vinyl logo is quite simply the best in all of hip hop. 

From as early as 1989, the cartoon of a guy biting into a slice of wax is iconic and unforgettable.

Leave it to the West Coast to have a label logo as creative as Delicious Vinyl. It would take Stones Throw, another West Coast record label, to come as close as Delicious Vinyl with their design styles.

Young MC and Tone Loc’s debut albums were commercially successful. 

I am partial to Def Jef’s debut because I won an audio cassette copy of  Just a Poet with Soul from one of the many Rap Masters Magazine contests I entered back in the day. 

Masta Ace’s best album, Slaughtahouse, was released on Delicious Vinyl in 1993. 

The label is resoiblie for many classic hip hip songs and albums including early Jay Dee (J Dilla) production for the Pharcyde 2nd album.

I have a theory that The Brand New Heavies’ Heavy Rhyme Experience inspired Guru’s Jazzmatazz.

With the exception of a Def Jam Recordings jacket, a Delicious Vinyl t-shirt is one of my most sought after pieces of hip hop gear.There is something universal about the Delicious Vinyl logo on a t-shirt as well. Regardless of gender, race or age, anyone in a Delicious Vinyl t-shirt is cool. No matter how many times you have seen someone you didn’t expect to see sporting the Delicious Vinyl t-shirt, you respect the person wearing it, their choice to wear it, the label’s artists, the label and ultimately the logo.

For their impact on popular culture and hip hop music, The Suite Delight salutes Delicious Vinyl.

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