Feb 26, 2016

DJ Premier

I was thrilled to see DJ Premier emerge as the main man for hip hop production. 

I was not only amazed at his ascension but his sounds as well. 

The list of artists he worked with outside of Gang Starr is mind-blowing.

On Masta Ace’s first appearance in Montreal, I met him at Off the Hook during an autograph signing. I didn’t forget to ask him if DJ Premier produced Saturday Nite Live because I knew my chances of getting the answer would be even slimmer afterwards. According to Ace, Premier did the cuts on the cut.

I remember Gang Starr performing in Montreal years ago and I would have asked Premier if he had produced Masta Ace’s posse cut while he was autographing my CDs. I forgot to do so probably because I was too shook from watching him sign the booklets and because I was among a mob deep of Montreal hip hop heads hustling to get his autograph.

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