Feb 11, 2016

New Balance

To this day, the New Balance model 574 shoes are the most comfortable I've ever worn in my life.

I distinctly remember seeing Phife Dawg wore New Balance shoes in a photo on the first A Tribe Called Quest album.

I had another sneaker brand on my mind so I paid New Balance no mind until nearly a decade later.

I bought a pair in New York, of all places in downtown Brooklyn, and couldn't believe how comfortable they were.

They were so comfortable that I wore them all-year round until they lost their lustre. Even when the time came to chuck them, I was reluctant to do so because I wasn't guaranteed that kind of comfort from my next pair of sneakers unless they too were New Balance

As I am on the verge of putting another pair of kicks to pasture, I'm happy to know that I can find New Balance in my hometown. 

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