Feb 23, 2016

Nipsey Russell

I have the rapper Nipsey Hustle to thank for this post. I should check out his music one of these days.

After the seeing the rapper’s name somewhere, it got me to think about the comedian.

I am old enough to say that my earliest knowledge of Nipsey Russell was from seeing him play The Tin Man in The Wiz with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. As a child, I thought that Nipsey Russell must have been around a long time for them to cast him in the movie. He was older than Michael Jackson and possibly Diana Ross. That was as far as I went with regards to Nipsey Russell.

In the 1980s not too long after having seen The Wiz, Russell would appear on game shows with celebrities. I thought that Nipsey Russell must have been around for a long time for the show producers to feature him on their program.

While digging in the crates, I came across two of Nipsey Russell’s comedy albums. That was my proof indeed that Russell had been performing for a great while longer than I had imagined as a child.

I had never seen or heard any of Nipsey Rusell’s standup until 2012. YouTube provides many vintage clips of his performances and Dean Martin Celebrity Roast appearances.

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