Feb 10, 2016


The major holidays of Easter, Halloween and especially Christmas were events to look forward to because of the accompanying Peanuts programs would broadcast.

I did not hesitate to pick up the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD when I saw it in a Vermont Wal-Mart years ago.  

It would take me this late in my life to acknowledge the musicians that have provided the soundtrack to those Peanuts specials.  The Vince Guaraldi Trio's name appears on the album.

As I write this, I'm face to face with the fact that the comic strip section of the newspaper is not as funny as I used to be find it many years ago.

I don't want to think of it as me having lost my sense of humor as I've gotten older.  There were some more mature, older comic strips like Doonesbury that I paid no attention to due to their political nature.

Perhaps the humor in the newspaper comic section died for me the day Charles M. Schulz died.  Peanuts was my favorite comic strip as a child. The books compiling the comic strip were a joy to read.  The day the Scholastic book orders arrived at the elementary school was something like Christmas morning or my birthday and even the last day of school combined into one.

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