Feb 23, 2016

Perceptor (Transformers)

My Perceptor Transformer toy was on my mind today.

I have not thought about that toy in over nearly 30 years even after having seen 2 Transformers films this summer.

Perceptor was the Autobot scientist that transformed appropriately and logically into a microscope.

At the onset of the Transformers toy craze of the 1980s, children were not guaranteed to get their Transformer of choice.  Similar to Eddie Murphy`s Ice Cream comedy routine, I came to the terrifying realization that the Transformers could and would be sold out completely without me having one to call my own. 

I have a distinct memory of being at a toy store with a pile of Transformers toys in the middle of the aisle and people snatching them one by one. I don't even seeing Optimus Prime or Megatron among the pile.  Even if I wanted them, or any of them, I saw firsthand that I was not entitled to any Transformer regardless of if I wanted one or not.

Arbitrarily I chose Blue Streak. He appeared on the show very infrequently and was voiced by the late Casey Kasem from America's Top 10 & Scooby-Doo fame. In retrospect, I was lucky to have gotten Blue Streak. Blue Streak was a cool car and spoke with an urgency mixed with heightened emotional state that for some reason I gravitated towards.

Going back to Perceptor, I always wanted a science set as a child but didn't feel to waste a birthday or Christmas gift list wish on one.

Perceptor was the best of both worlds even if he would have transformed into a microscope. While other Transformers changed from large robots into planes, trains, automobiles, insects or even dinosaurs, I was content with the Transformer that changed into a microscope.

He may not have been the strongest, fastest or bravest but he was the Autobot scientist. He was the one that would provide Optimus Prime the insight into the problems they were facing that particular episode. 

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